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ACM Faculty

Core Faculty

Core faculty regularly teach major-specific mandatory courses, and will advise students on the major and on their overall study plan.
Marc-Thorsten Hütt, Professor of Computational Systems Biology
  • Teaching in ACM: Nonlinear Dynamics, Computational Systems Biology
  • Research: Biological networks, genome signatures, analysis of spatiotemporal patterns

Lars Linsen, Professor of Computational Science and Computer Science
  • Teaching in ACM: Numerical Methods, Graphics and Visualization
  • Research: Visualization, Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling

Marcel Oliver, Professor of Mathematics, Program Coordinator ACM
  • Teaching in ACM: Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, General Mathematics and Computational Science
  • Research: Partial differential equations, in particular problems from Geophysical Fluid Dynamics; structure preserving numerical algorithms; applied analysis

Peter Oswald, Professor of Mathematics
  • Teaching in ACM: Numerical Analysis, Applied Differential Equations and Modeling
  • Research: Approximation Theory; Multiscale Methods; Finite Elements, Splines, Wavelets; Mathematical Modeling

Tobias Preusser, Professor of Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes
  • Teaching in ACM: Numerical Analysis, General Mathematics and Computational Science, Modeling
  • Research: Modeling and simulation of bio-medical processes, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis

Associated Faculty

Associated faculty usually teach courses in other majors which are suitable ACM electives, may advise guided research projects in ACM, and will advise students on choices for their home school electives.
Frank Oliver Glöckner, Professor of Bioinformatics
  • Teaching related to ACM: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Research: Marine Bioinformatics, Metagenomics, Ecosystems Biology

Herbert Jaeger, Professor of Computational Science
  • Teaching related to ACM: Computability and Complexity
  • Research: Machine learning, neural networks, nonlinear signal processing and pattern recognition (especially speech and handwriting recognition)

Arzhang Khalili, Professor of Computational Science
  • Teaching related to ACM: Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Research: Porous media flows, sediment-fluid interaction, biogeochemical modeling

Ulrich Kleinekathöfer, Professor of Physics
  • Teaching related to ACM:
  • Research: Computational physics and biophysics, in particular wave function calculations for nonlinear spectroscopy, density matrix theory for electron and exciton transfer, large-scale classical molecular dynamics

Michael Kohlhase, Professor of Computer Science
  • Research: Mathematical knowlege representation and management

Agostino Merico, Professor of Ecology
  • Research: Population dynamics, marine ecology, marine geochemistry; paleoclimate; modeling of interactions between climate, ecology, and social and economic systems

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns, Professor of Physics
  • Teaching related to ACM: Statistical Physics of Networks, Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
  • Research: Non-equilibrium statistical physics; dynamical processes on networks, applications to metabolic and genetic networks; phase transitions and critical phenomena, satisfiability problems of computer science

Götz Pfander, Professor of Mathematics
  • Teaching related to ACM: Analysis, Harmonic Analysis
  • Research: Harmonic analysis, time-frequency analysis, sampling theory

Danilo Roccatano, Professor of Biochemical Engineering
  • Teaching related to ACM: Advanced Computational Methods for Nanomolecular Science
  • Research: Solvent models for molecular dynamics; biomaterials; protein and peptide folding

Joachim Vogt, Professor of Physics
  • Teaching related to ACM: ESS Computational Modeling, ESS Data Analysis Techniques
  • Research: Space physics, computational magnetohydrodynamics, analysis of data from magnetospheric satellite missions


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