Special Computational Analysis Seminar

Leif Kobbelt

(RWTH Aachen)

"Applied basic research in computer graphics"

Date: Wed, November 4, 2009
Time: 11:00
Place: Research I Lecture Hall

Abstract: In the public perception, computer graphics techniques are mostly known due to the increasingly realistic visual effects that can be seen in today's movies and computer games. As a research discipline, however, computer graphics covers a wide spectrum of methodological approaches from computer sciences, mathematics and engineering. The overall goal is to develop efficient algorithms to solve fundamental problems that occur in the context of rendering high-quality digital images and animations as well as generating and processing complex 3D models and scene descriptions. Consequently, computer graphics techniques are being used in application fields as diverse as CAD/CAM, medical computing, multimedia, simulation sciences and many more. In this talk I will showcase some of this variety based on a few recent projects performed in the graphics lab at RWTH Aachen. These projects will demonstrate how theory and applications peacefully and synergetically co-exist in computer graphics.