Joint ZeTeM-Jacobs Seminar

Jonathan Montalvo-Urquizo

(Universitšt Bremen)

"Numerical simulations of metallic micro-components with anisotropies"

Date: Thu, February 9, 2012
Time: 17:00
Place: Uni Bremen, MZH 2270

Abstract: Modern technologies require the production of metallic components of sizes under the millimeter range. Often, these micro-components are produced out of metal foils including anisotropies at microstructural level. Variations in the material mechanical properties cannot be neglected due to the small component scales. This talk will cover recent developments in the simulation of elastic micro-component loading. The simulation method mixes the anisotropies from the foil production, the random nature of crystal distributions, and a two-scale finite element method. With this constitution, the method is able to simulate not only the material responses in an averaged form, but also a complete stochastic distribution of stress at any point of the simulated component. Ideas towards an extension to the plastic case will also be discussed.