Joint ZeTeM-Jacobs Seminar

Zymantas Darbenas

(Jacobs University)

"Developing practical high-order free-Lagrangian particle methods for rotating barotropic fluids"

Date: Tue, February 5, 2013
Time: 17:05
Place: Jacobs Campus, IRC building, Seminar room, 3rd floor

Abstract: I will give a short presentation about my PhD project. Its goal is to develop a high order Lagrangian scheme for compressible flows, that overcomes a built-in problem of known Lagrangian schemes: high order schemes require the continuity equation to be solved as separate PDE. Typical numerical schemes would lose the structure at the same time. Our approach is to take advantage of Ertel's potential vorticity theorem: it replaces the continuity equation by materially advected quantities which are trivial for a Lagrangian scheme.