MTPS Seminar

Matthias Lienert

(University of Tübingen)

"The multi-time formalism for relativistic quantum physics"

Date: Mon, May 6, 2019
Time: 14:00
Place: Research III Seminar Room

Abstract: It is a fascinating idea that the wave function in relativistic quantum physics could be a function psi(x_1,...,x_N) involving one spacetime variable x_i per particle, hence N time variables t_i = x_i^0, i = 1,2,...,N. As natural as it may sound, this concept of "multi-time wave functions" leads to a range of challenging physical and mathematical problems, such as: How can one define a consistent and interacting time evolution in the multiple time (x_i^0) variables? Which types of PDEs work for that? What is the physical meaning of |\psi|^2 at unequal times? Can one reformulate quantum field theories using multi-time wave functions?, and: Are there new possibilities for evolution equations which are specific to the multi-time formalism? This talk will provide a non-technical overview of recent progress concerning these questions.