Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Seminar

Wednesdays, 15:45-17:00
Research III Seminar Room

The Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Seminar addresses advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers with interest in the field.

Spring Semester 2019 Schedule

Date Time Speaker Title
Mar 13
15:45 Sören Petrat
Jacobs University
Effective Quantum Dynamics
Mar 28
15:45 Peter Schupp
Jacobs University
Gravity = graded (quantum) mechanics
Apr 3
15:45 Stefan Kettemann
Jacobs University
Multifractality in Classical and Quantum Physics
May 6
14:00 Matthias Lienert
University of Tübingen
The multi-time formalism for relativistic quantum physics
May 15
14:15 Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
Jacobs University
On the role of noise and frustration in dynamical systems