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M-day 2017

Scientific Program

Friday, October 13, 2017

  13:15-13:30     Welcome, IRC Seminar Room
  13:30-14:00 Haidar Mohamad (Jacobs University)
    Optimal balance via adiabatic invariance of approximate slow manifolds
  14:00-14:30 Richard Blender (Universität Hamburg)
    Fluctuation analysis of the atmospheric Lorenz energy cycle
  14:30-14:45     Discussion
  14:45-15:30     Coffee Break
  15:30-16:00 Wei Pan (Imperial College)
    Numerically modelling stochastic Lie transport in fluid dynamics
  16:00-16:30 Sergiy Vasylkevych (Universität Hamburg)
    Fluid models associated with the geodesic flow
    of H1 metric on diffeomorphism groups
    as geometric generalised Lagrangian mean theories
  16:30-16:45     Discussion
  16:45-17:30     Poster presentations
  17:30-18:00 Stephan Juricke (Jacobs University)
    First steps to backscatter in the Finite Element Sea-Ice Ocean Model
  18:00-18:30 Nicolas Scharmacher (Universität Hamburg)
    Diffuse interface approaches in atmosphere and ocean -
    modeling and numerical implementation
  18:30-18:45     Discussion
  19:00 Leave for restaurant - meet in front of Campus Center
  19:30 Dinner, Restaurant ``Zur gläsernen Werft''
    Schulkenstr. 2, 28755 Bremen

Saturday, October 14, 2017

  9:00-9:30 Armin Iske (Universität Hamburg)
    On the construction of meshfree finite volume particle methods
  9:30-10:00 Claus Goetz (Universität Hamburg)
    Reconstruction based discontinuous Galerkin methods:
    features and challenges
  10:00-10:30 Sergey Danilov (AWI and Jacobs University)
    On grid modes and discretizations on triangular meshes
  10:30-10:45     Discussion
  10:45-11:30     Coffee Break
  11:30-12:00 Almut Gassmann (IAP Kühlungsborn)
    Deviations from a nonlinear wind balance:
    local and zonal mean perspectives
  12:00-12:30 Christian Franzke (Universität Hamburg)
    Systematic decomposition of the MJO and
    its Northern hemispheric extra-tropical response
    into Rossby and inertio-gravity components
  12:30-12:45     Discussion, Closing

Poster presentations

Almut Gassmann (IAP Kühlungsborn)
Discretization of generalized Coriolis and friction terms on the deformed hexagonal C-grid

Denny Gohlke (Universität Hamburg)
Entropy production in turbulence parameterisations

Federica Gugole (Universität Hamburg)
An energy consistent stochastic 2-layer QG model

Florian Noethen (Universität Hamburg)
Convergence of Ginelli's algorithm for covariant Lyapunov vectors

Sebastian Schubert (Universität Hamburg)
The large deviation law and Lyapunov exponents in PUMA

Bastian Sommerfeld (IAP Kühlungsborn)
Entropy production in climate simulations


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