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Admission to the Graduate Program in Mathematical Sciences

We seek incoming students with excellent promise for research in one of the areas represented by Jacobs faculty.

Masters phase or PhD phase?

Our program is an integrated PhD program. We admit students with a Bachelor degree into the Masters phase of the program and students with a Masters degree into either the Masters phase of the program or directly into the PhD phase. Your application should state clearly which of the phases you wish to enter into.
  • If you hold only a Bachelor degree or equivalent, the choice is clear.
  • If you already hold the equivalent of a Masters degree and wish to enter the Masters phase of our program, your statement of purpose should clearly explain the reason (e.g. change of field, non-equivalence between the Masters in your country and the Masters degree at Jacobs).
  • If you wish to enter the PhD phase of our program, you need to identify a member of the faculty with whom you wish to work. Unless you apply in response to a specific externally advertised PhD position, you will need to apply for funds in parallel (see below). Financial support from Jacobs University will only be granted in exceptional cases.

Application process

Your application to our graduate program must contain the following documents.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • University transcripts and degree certificates
    Documents in languages other than English or German should be accompanied by an English translation.
  • Statement of purpose
    The statement of purpose is a very important part of your application. It should, in addition to any other information you may want to provide, contain an indication of interest in one or more particular research fields and make a case how your background and personal abilities match with your goals.
  • Samples of academic work
  • Two academic letters of recommendation. If possible, recommenders should use the Jacobs recommendation form. Recommenders may choose to send their letters directly to us.
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • GRE test scores
    Though not required, GRE test scores are a major component of the decision making process. This is particularly true if your home institution and recommenders are likely not to be personally known to program faculty and in the absence of serious, preferably peer-reviewed academic work.
  • Jacobs University application form
    You must complete the online application process.

Financial Aid

The graduate program offers a limited number of stipends for students in the Masters phase. Students already working on their PhD are typically supported through their research group or through external agencies.
  • The application for financial aid is part of the official application form package. Students beyond the Masters phase will typically not be considered for financial aid.
  • All applicants, in particular those wishing to enter the program in the PhD phase and do not apply in response to an externally advertised PhD position, are advised to simulatenously apply for external funding, in coordination with a member of faculty in their field of interest.

Further information

More information can be found at


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