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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Master's phase and the PhD phase?

The Master's phase is the initial phase of the integrated PhD program. It ends either with receiving a Master's degree or by entering the PhD phase after successfully passing the PhD qualifying exam and the PhD proposal presentation.

Do I need to pick my research area prior to arriving at Jacobs University?

No. If you join the integrated PhD program, then you will be able to use the Master's phase to choose a research direction and a PhD advisor.

Do I have to pay tuition if I am accepted to the graduate program in mathematical sciences?

The tuition for graduate programs at Jacobs University is EUR 20,000 per year. But in many cases, successful applicants receive a full tuition waiver.

Does the university offer financial support?

Jacobs University offers to the most qualified applicants financial support in form of tuition waivers and fellowships during the Master's phase of approximately EUR 600 per month. It is expected that students in the PhD phase are financed through third party funding. With some exceptions, our graduate students hold teaching assistantships which add up to EUR 400 per month to their income.

Is housing provided to incoming students of the graduate program in mathematical sciences?

No, housing has to be arranged by the incoming students prior to their arrival. Jacobs University's graduate student association (GSA) is generally able to help finding good housing.


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