Spring Semester 2004

Numerical Methods II


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This course is a continuation of Numerical Methods I. Both classes form the second year Computational Science core.

Contact Information:
Instructor:Marcel Oliver
Office hour:  M 14:00-15:00

TA/grader:Shaowu Tang
Office hour:  TBA

Lab Assistant:Vlad Lazar

Time and Place:
Lectures:  M 8:15-9:30 and W 14:15-15:30 in the Research I Lecture Hall
Lab:M 19:30-20:45 in the Research I Lecture Hall

Reommended Textbooks:

Additional Reading:

Homework and Projects:
The weekly homework/project sheets are handed out each Wednesday. The code should, moreover, be sent in a single email to to Shaowu Tang. You should be able to present and explain the code in the Thursday lab session following submission.

Collaborative project work in groups of two or three is permissible provided:

  • Each member of the group maintains and submits their own runnable version of the code.
  • You state who you collaborated with (e.g. as comments in the source files).
  • Each member of the group is able to explain the code without help from others.

You may consult books and internet resources, provided you always quote the source.


Class Schedule

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