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Math, Mind, and Music

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01/02/2005: Introduction
Sequence through all major keys in mean tone and equal temperament
Steve Reich, Music for large ensemble (1978)
Proof of the triangle inequality by Norman Megill, from Metamath Music
04/02/2005: Waves, oscillations (introduction to Fourier analysis and harmonics)
A harmonic oscillator Java applet
Book Chapters: Goldstein, pp. 331-339; CWE, pp. 182-187; Levine, pp. 332-338; Howard & Angus, Chapter 1; Warren, pp. 1-5
More mathematical background reading: D. Benson, Mathematics and Music, Sections 1.1 and 1.4-1.7
08/02/2005: Harmonics in sound perception and music: which sounds please the ear? How is this reflected in complex musical pieces?
Book Chapters: Goldstein, pp. 331-339; Cook, Chapter 7
George Antheil, Jazz Sonata (1922/23), Sonatina - Death of the Machines (1922)
11/02/2005: Musical Instruments
Valved vs. natural wind instruments
A. Philidor (1647-1730) & J. Philidor (1651-1708), Marche de timballes
Music Acoustics (UNSW)
Book Chapters: Howard & Angus, Chapter 4
More mathematical background reading: D. Benson, Mathematics and Music, Chapter 3
15/02/2005: Physiology of the ear
Book Chapters: Goldstein, pp. 343-360; CWE, pp. 187-204; Levine, pp. 339-346, 350-357, 363-366; Purves et al., Chapter 12
18/02/2005: Psychoacoustics I (masking, frequency resolution, pitch vs. intensity, critical bands)
Lot's of Acoustics Listening Examples
Book Chapters: Goldstein, pp. 342-343; Levine, pp. 367-371; Roederer, pp. 24-50
More mathematical background reading: D. Benson, Mathematics and Music, Chapter 4
22/02/2005: Psychoacoustics II (combination tones, beats of mistuned consonances, fundamental tracking and missing fundamental)
25/02/2005: Quiz 1; Harmonics in musical practice
Helium Speech
Huun-Huur-Tu, Sygyt (Aliquot singing)
Albert Mangelsdorff, Rip Off, on Albert Live in Montreux, MPS Records, 1980
Victor Wooten, Amazing Grace
01/03/2005: Scales and Tuning
Book Chapters: Roederer, Chapter 5, pp. 171-181; Cook, Chapter 14, pp. 177-185 and Chapter 13, pp. 150-162
More mathematical background reading: D. Benson, Mathematics and Music, Chapters 5 and 6
Tuning, Temperaments And Bells
Demonstration of Mean tone vs. Kirnberger III vs. Equal temperament by Wim Kamp
04/03/2005: Non-Western, non-traditional scales
The Gamelans of the Kraton Yogyakarta (Java)
Modes and Ragas: More than just a scale
Indian Classical Music (Uma Ramamurthy)
Microtonal Music Examples, the Huygens-Fokker Foundation
Adriaan Fokker, Equal Temperament and the Thirty-one-keyed Organ
Adriaan Fokker, Tenacita
More nonstandard keyboards: Janko Keyboard with background, Continuum Fingerboard
08/03/2005: Harmonic systems (tonal systems, cadenza)
Book Chapters: Aiello & Sloboda, Chapter 8; Cook, Chapter 15
Catherine Schmidt-Jones, Harmony
Harmony provides context: Example 1 and Example 2
Ludwig van Beethoven, Fifth Symphony, First Movement
11/03/2005: Grouping I
Book Chapters: Goldstein, pp. 148-156, pp. 395-401; CWE, pp. 245-247, pp. 411-417; Cook, Chapter 10; Deutsch, Chapter 9
Grouping Demos, Audio Box Project
Demonstrations of auditory scene analysis, McGill University
15/03/2005: Grouping II
18/03/2005: Quiz 2; Fun & nonsense
P.I. Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6, Finale (Adagio lamentoso)
P. Hindemith, Konzertstück für Trautonium und Streicher
John Adams, Short Ride in a Fast Machine (see also this interview)
Michael Daugherty, Sing Sing: J. Edgar Hoover (played by the Absolute Ensemble)
01/04/2005: Rhythm I
Book Chapters: Deutsch, Chapter 13; Davies
Krumhansl, C.L. (2000). Rhythm and pitch in music cognition. Psychological Bulletin 126, pp. 159-179
Catherine Schmidt-Jones, Meter in Music
Unifix Drum Machine
Rhythm Wheels
Pili Pili: Jakko (Sugu Mugu Jakakai and The Break Tapper)
05/04/2005: Rhythm II
08/04/2005: Rhythm III
Aka Pygmie Music Samples, Short Video
Book Chapters: Assayag, Feichtinger, and Rodrigues, Chapter 10.
12/04/2005: Structure in Music
Book Chapters: Assayag, Feichtinger, and Rodrigues, Chapter 5; Fauval, Flood, and Wilson, Chapters 6 and 8.
15/04/2005: Quiz 3
19/04/2005: Development of music perception
Book Chapters: Dowling, W.J. (1999). Development of music perception and cognition. In Deutsch, D. The Psychology of Music, Chapter 15.
22/04/2005: Music and evolution I
Hauser, M.D., and McDermott, J. (2003). The evolution of the music faculty: a comparative perspective. Nature Neuroscience, 6(7), 663-668.
Miller, G. F. (2000). Evolution of human music through sexual selection. In N. L. Wallin, B. Merker, and S. Brown (Eds.), The origins of music, MIT Press, pp. 329-360.
Cross, I. (2001). Music, mind and evolution. Psychology of Music, 29 (1), 95-102.
Wade, N., (2003). We got rhythm; the mystery is how and why. The New York Times, September 16, 2003.
Evolution of Music by Steven Shaviro
26/04/2005: Music and evolution II
29/04/2005: Music and emotion I
Book Chapters: Sloboda, J.A., and Juslin, P.N. (2001). Psychological Perspectives on Music and Emotion. In: Juslin and Sloboda, eds., Chapter 4.
03/05/2005: The musician and the composer
Background reading: The composer and the performer by Samuil Feinberg
Music samples: Mozart: Serenade in G, KV 525, ``Eine kleine Nachtmusik'', I. Allegro (played by Berlin Philharmonics/Karajan, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields/Marriner, Camarata Academica Salzburg/Vegh); Sandor Vegh rehearses Mozart (sorry, information in German only); Bach: Prelude No. 1 C Major, BWV 846, from ``The Well-Tempered Piano, Book One'' (played by Tim Fellner, Glenn Gould, Jacques Loussier, and others); Duke Ellington: Caravan (played by the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Dom Um Romano, Puschnig/Tacuma, Ella Fitzgerald, Absolute Ensemble/Paquito D'Rivera)
06/05/2005: Music and emotion II: musical structure and emotional expression
Book Chapters: Gabrielsson, A. and Lindström, E. (2001). The influence of musical structure and emotional expression. In: Juslin and Sloboda, eds., Chapter 11.
10/05/2005: Quiz 4; Preparing posters for display
13/05/2005: Poster day, Performances TBA

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