Spring Semester 2012

Nonlinear Dynamics Lab


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The Nonlinear Dynamics Lab is an introduction to a variety of nonlinear phenomena and chaos through experiments. Most experiments will be done in a virtual laboratory, your laptop, but we will also include a few "wet-lab" experiments. Programming environments will be Scientific Python for number crunching and Mathematica for symbolic computing.

Topics include nonlinear electric oscillators, coupled pendula, and pattern formation in chemical reactions. A main focus of the lab is the development of standard tools for the numerical solution of differential equations, the application of automated tools for bifurcation analysis, and continuation methods. We will also implement simple agent-based models and pseudo-spectral PDE solvers for reaction-diffusion equations.

The lab is accessible to second and third year students in Physics, Mathematics, and EE/CS who have completed the recommended course load of these majors. Prerequisite is a willingness to learn about differential equations and the associated calculus.

Contact Information:
Instructor: Marc-Thorsten Hütt
Office hours:  TBA in Research II, 62

Instructor:Marcel Oliver
Office hours:  Tu, Th 11:15 in Research I, 107

TA/grader:  Miriam Grace

Time and Place:
Tu 14:15-18:30 in East Hall 6
Mo 14:15-18:30 in East Hall 1

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