Spring Semester 2013

Engineering and Science Mathematics 2B


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Riley, Hobson, and Bence: Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering, 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press.

Mondays, 19:30-20:45 in the Research II Lecture Hall
Teaching Assistant is Rustam Turdibaev (r.turdibaev@jacobs-university.de)

Office Hours:
Wednesday, 10:00-11:00, Research I, 107 (M. Oliver)
Monday and Wednesday 21:00-22:00 in the College Nordmetall Quiet Study Area (R. Turdibaev)

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Homework and Quizzes:

Missed Work:
Late homework or quizzes will not be accepted under any circumstances as they pose undue burden on the instructor and the graders. Also, there will not be any extra credit problems, so please don't ask for it - you already have enough work to do! For missed exams, the university excuse policy applies. Short version: Don't miss exams. If you do, you must notify the instructor of record immediately and supply written proof from a medical doctor to the Registrar's Office within three days. It is your obligation to arrange for a makeup exam without delay after the end of the documented sickness period.


Tentative Class Schedule

04/02/2013: Introduction to vector algebra (Sections 7.1-7.5); Scalar product, cross product (Section 7.6)
06/02/2013: Equation of line, planes, and spheres (Section 7.7); Finding distances (Section 7.8)
11/02/2013: Matrix algebra (Sections 8.3-8.7)
13/02/2013: Solving linear systems (Essentially covered in Section 8.18.2. Note, however, that we will not follow the presentation in the book. In particular, we will not use Cramer's rule. Please follow the lectures and handouts closely!)
18/02/2013: Vector spaces: Definition, linear independence, basis (Sections 8.1, 8.1.1); Linear maps: rank, null space, range, definition of inverse (Sections 8.2, 8.10)
20/02/2013: Change of basis (Section 8.15); Computation of the matrix inverse - note that we will not follow the presentation in the book. Please follow the lectures and handouts closely!)
25/02/2013: Determinants (Section 8.9); Eigenvalues and eigenvectors (Section 8.13)
27/02/2013: Finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors (Section 8.14); Diagonalization (Section 8.16)
04/03/2013: Midterm review
06/03/2013: Midterm I
11/03/2013: Inner products (Section 8.1.2); Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization (Section 8.13.1)
13/03/2013: Orthonormal functions; Fourier series I (Sections 12.1-12.4)
18/03/2013: Fourier series II (Selected topics from Sections 12.5-12.8)
20/03/2013: Fourier transform (Section 13.1)
03/04/2013: Dirac delta function (Sections 13.1.3-13.1.4)
08/04/2013: Properties of the Fourier transform (Sections 13.1.5-13.1.6)
10/04/2013: Convolution and deconvolution, correlation functions, Parseval's theorem (Sections 13.1.7-13.1.9)
15/04/2013: Midterm review
17/04/2013: Midterm II
22/04/2013: Notions from set theory, Venn diagrams, sample space, events, probability (Sections 30.1, 30.2.1)
24/04/2013: Conditional probability, Bayes' theorem (Sections 30.2.2, 30.2.3)
29/04/2013: Permutations and combination (Section 30.3)
06/05/2013: Random variables and distributions (Section 30.4)
08/05/2013: Expectation, important distributions (Selected topics from 30.5-30.9)
13/05/2013: The central limit theorem (Section 30.10)
15/05/2013: Review for final exam
23/05/2013 Final Exam, 12:30-14:30 in the Campus Center East Wing and Conference Hall

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