Spring Semester 2020

Advanced Calculus and Methods of Mathematical Physics


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This module covers advanced topics from calculus which are part of the core mathematics education of every Physicist and also form a fundamental part of the mathematics major. It features examples and applications from the physical sciences. The module is designed to be taken with minimal pre-requisites and is tightly coordinated with the parallel module Calculus and Elements of Linear Algebra II. The style of development strives for rigor, but avoids abstraction and prefers simplicity over generality.

Contact Information:
Instructor:Marcel Oliver
Office hours:  Tu 10:00, We 11:00 in Research I, 107
TA: Eglis Balani

Time and Place:
Lectures:  Tu 11:15-12:30, Fr 8:15-9:30 in the Research I Lecture Hall
Tutorial:   Th 19:30, West Hall 8

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