Spring Semester 2020

Finite Mathematics


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This module is the second semester in a sequence of mathematical methods modules for students in the sciences, industrial engineering, and management majors It aims at rounding off the mathematical education for students in these majors with topics from matrix algebra, probability, and related subjects in a way that is directly useful for the applications in experimental sciences, economics, management, and applied engineering.

Contact Information:
Instructor:Marcel Oliver
Office hours:  Tu 10:00, We 11:00 in Research I, 107
TA: Saad Ijaz

Time and Place:
Lectures:  Mo/We 14:15-15:30 in West Hall 4 (will hopefully be changed!)
Discussions:   TBA

Textbook/Further Reading:
This course is not covered in a single textbook at exactly the level required. I will be using different sources, indicated in the class schedule below. First, most of the material is contained in one of two voluminous American undergraduate textbooks
  • M.L. Lial, R.N. Greenwell, N.P. Ritchey, Finite Mathematics, Pearson,
  • M. Sullivan, Finite Mathematics – An Applied Approach, Wiley.
If you intend to purchase a single comprehensive book for self-study and reference, either of them will be very good; any recent edition will do. The presentation of matrix algebra topics and notation used is not perfect, though, and I aim at using more concise notation especially in the early weeks of this course. A bigger drawback of these two books is the price. Thus, for matrix algebra, I will largely follow selected chapter from two freely available textbooks which I also slightly prefer in their style of presentation: For probability and statistics, a preliminary list of free study material is contained in the following:


Class Schedule (subject to change!)

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