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Summer School
Structures in Lie Representation Theory

Crystals, Derived Functors,
Harish-Chandra Modules, Invariants, Quivers

August 9 - 22, 2009
Jacobs University Bremen

Mini-courses are given by
  • (Michel Brion (Grenoble

  • (Maria Gorelik (Rehovot

  • (Anthony Joseph (Rehovot

  • (Alexander Premet (Manchester

  • (Claus Michael Ringel (Bielefeld

  • (Vera Serganova (Berkeley

  • (Wolfgang Soergel (Freiburg

  • (Gregg Zuckerman (New Haven
The root system of E6 projected from 6 dimensions down to 2 - courtesy of J. Stembridge
       Invited speakers

  • Lucas Fresse (Rehovot)

  • Markus Reineke (Wuppertal)

  • Christoph Schweigert (Hamburg)

  • Catharina Stroppel (Bonn)

  • Wai Ling Yee (Windsor)

  • Organizers   Anthony Joseph (Rehovot)    Anna Melnikov (Haifa)    Ivan Penkov (Bremen)

    Bremen Marktplatz panorama - courtesy of Ananda Pitt©

    Each mini-course will consist of 6 lectures of 50 minutes each. In addition a small number of invited research talks will be given by younger researchers. The working days are Monday to Friday (half day).

    The cultural program includes a guided tour of Bremen and dinner at the famous Ratskeller. Further, on Saturday August 15 a boat trip from Bremen Vegesack to Bremerhaven is planned. For those interested in art we are offering a visit of the Paula Modersohn Haus in Bremen.

    We have received an unexpectedly large number of strong applications and the decisions on awarding support to participants are currently in their final stage. We can no longer accept applications for financial support.

    Due to the fact that have obtained a lot of strong applications we do not accept anymore requests for financial support as of April 29.

    Root diagram of B5 given a weight triangularization - courtesy of A. Joseph

    Root diagram of A6 given a weight triangularization - courtesy of A. Joseph  
    Additional information can be obtained from:
    Prof. Dr. Ivan Penkov, School of Engineering and Science
    Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

    The Summer School is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation