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Math Wiz? Computer Kid? Interested in the fundamentals of Science? Just generally curious?

Welcome aboard!

The following pages will guide you through the Mathematical Sciences at Jacobs University. We'll cover everything from technical aspects such as application procedure, curricula, and course options to research, campus life, and extracurricular activities.

Why Mathematics at Jacobs?
  • Small classes with individual attention to each student
  • A flexible curriculum which pre-supposes no advanced high-school mathematics, but invites students with exceptional talent to quickly move ahead
  • Become part of a welcoming community of highly motivated and gifted peers
  • Regular competitions, internally as well as at an international level
  • A Bachelor program in Applied and Computational Mathematics for students with mathematical talent and a keen interest in science
  • Financial aid packages and merit-based scholarships ensure that you can join our programs independent of your economic background
Our programs
Why study Mathematics?
  • It's fun!
  • It's rewarding - according to The Wall Street Journal, Mathematician is the best of all professions
  • Excellent job prospects - mathematicians graduates are sought after for their skills in problem solving, abstract reasoning, and endurance
  • Wide range of careers in leadership positions - academic as well as non-academic ranging from consulting, finance, engineering, to management
  • Look at what our alumni are up to now


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