Computational Analysis Seminar

Tuesdays, 11:15-12:30
Research I Seminar Room (Room 120)

The Computational Analysis Seminar is a graduate research seminar covering topics from applied analysis, numerical analysis, algorithms, and applications.

Fall Semester 2012 Schedule

Date Time Speaker Title
Sep 11
11:15 John Brogan Moody
University of California, San Diego
Subdivision and multi-resolution surfaces
Oct 2
11:15 Pavel Zheltov
Applied Harmonic Analysis group, Jacobs University
On an interesting Hankel determinant
Oct 16
11:15 Daniel Wetzel
University of Oldenburg
Snaking between stripes and spots
Oct 30
11:15 Sergiy Vasylkevich
Jacobs University
Non-negative Matrix factorization with factorizable feature matrix
Nov 20
11:15 Dr. Martin Ehler
HelmholtzZentrum M√ľnchen
Phase retrieval in k-dimensional linear subspaces