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NoKo 2015

Scientific Program

Friday, April 24, 2015

  12:00-13:00     Lunch in College Nordmetall
  13:00-13:10     Welcome, IRC Seminar Room
  13:10-13:35 Jens Rademacher (Universität Bremen)
    Spectra, bifurcations and dynamics of semi-localized patterns
  13:35-14:00 Annibale Magni (Universität Münster)
    Variational analysis of a reduced Allen-Cahn action functional
  14:00-14:25 Hannes Uecker (Universität Oldenburg)
    Spatial patterns in distributed optimal control problems
  14:25-14:50 Alessandro Alla (Universität Hamburg)
    Coupling MPC and DP methods for optimal control problems
  14:50-15:15 Tobias Preußer (Jacobs University and Fraunhofer MEVIS)
    Treating uncertain data in PDE based image processing
    with SPDEs
  15:15-16:15     Coffee break
  16:15-16:40 Hao Wu (FU Berlin)
    Observable operator description and analysis of metastable systems
  16:40-17:05 Torge Schmidt (TU Hamburg-Harburg)
    Approximation of spectra and pseudospectra
    of operators on a Hilbert space
  17:05-17:30 Wolfgang Erb (Universität zu Lübeck)
    Bivariate Lagrange interpolation at the node points
    of Lissajous curves
  17:30-17:55 Sabine Le Borne (TU Hamburg-Harburg)
    Numerical techniques for aggregation integrals
    in population balance systems
  17:55-18:20 Ulrich Eckhardt (Universität Hamburg)
    Projektion auf ein Simplex
  19:00 Meet in front of the Campus Center for walk to restaurant
  19:30 Conference Dinner
    Restaurant Nautico, Zum Alten Speicher 13, 28759 Bremen

Saturday, April 25, 2015

  7:30-8:30     Breakfast in College Nordmetall
  8:30-8:55 Felix Krahmer (TU München)
    Compressive sensing with redundant dictionaries
    and structured measurements
  8:55-9:20 Stefan Kunis (Universität Osnabrück)
    Prony's method, moment problems, and super-resolution
    in higher dimensions
  9:20-9:45 Rafael Reisenhofer (Universität Bremen)
    Complex shearlet transforms and applications to edge and line detection
  9:45-10:10 Feliks Nüske (FU Berlin)
    Variational tensor approach for approximating
    the rare-event kinetics of macromolecular systems
  10:10-10:35 Tatiana Levitina (TU Braunschweig)
    Discrete orthogonality and Kramer's sampling theorem
  10:35-11:35      Coffee break
  11:35-12:00 Nikolaos Roidos (Leibniz University Hannover)
    The porous medium equation
    on manifolds with conical singularities
  12:00-12:25 Ingenuin Gasser (Universität Hamburg)
    A 1-D model for pressure retarded osmosis
  12:25-12:50 Malte Braack (CAU Kiel)
    Stability and a priori analysis of discrete Navier-Stokes solutions
    with outflow condition
  12:50-13:15 Armin Iske (Universität Hamburg)
    Optimally sparse approximation of signals
    by adaptive linear splines over anisotropic triangulations
  13:15      Lunch in College Nordmetall

Poster presentations

Claudio Bierig (Universität Oldenburg)
Estimation of arbitrary order central statistical moments by the multilevel Monte Carlo method

Patricio Farrell (WIAS)
Simulating semiconductor devices: generalisations of the Scharfetter-Gummel scheme to non-Boltzmann statistics

Alexandru Mihai (Jacobs University)
Stenotic channel flow using the lattice Boltzmann method

Franziska Pott (Universität Bremen)
A regularizing Newton-like method for ozone retrieval from occultation measurements

Weiqi Zhou (Jacobs University)
Triangular truncation on Hermitian operators


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