TRR 181
Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean

M-Day 2017

October 13-14, 2017

M-Day is informal workshop where members of project area M ("Mathematics, new concepts, and methods") of the Transregio SFB 181 as well as interested others can meet, present their work, and discuss.



The meeting takes place at Jacobs University located in the north of Bremen. To find the seminar room: From the campus center foyer, enter the library (also known as Information Resource Center or short IRC) and take the open stairs or the elevator to the first floor. You are now on the main library floor. There are two side wings attached to it, go to and enter the east wing reading room which is the one further away from the open stair case. The seminar room is now to your left.

Speakers should note that there is a data projector and a small white board, but no major black board setup.

Scientific organizers

Marcel Oliver
Anton Kutsenko

Administrative contact

Anja Müller