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International Mathematical
Summer School for Students 2011

Supplementary Application Questions

Since admission to the summer school is highly selective, and we want to design the program so as to best suit the needs of the applicants, we would like to get to know you a little better. The following questions can be answered in various ways: as plain text in an email, using a text processor (LaTeX, word, etc.) and converted into a PDF file, or handwritten and scanned. Please send us only plain text (ASCII) or PDF files!

Mathematical Interests

We like to know your interest in mathematics and how it possibly relates to other areas of your interest. Your answer can be written in free form, but the following question provide some guidance. We are aware that not all of them can be answered by every student; this is perfectly okay as we intend to admit students with a variety of backgrounds.

  1. Describe three mathematical problems that you find the most interesting.
  2. Is there a mathematical proof that impressed you because it is beautiful or unexpected? Which one, and why?
  3. Describe one or two courses you have taken recently. What were the main theorems (at most three)?
  4. Which mathematical books you have read/studied recently in some depth? Specify title, authors, and topic. By your own estimate: how well have you understood the material?
  5. Describe a few mathematical topics that you understand well. Which of them would you like to investigate further?
  6. Specify a few mathematical topics about which you do not know much, but which you would like to learn. Do you have any plans to do so?
  7. During the last two years, did you participate in any scientific activities, summer schools, math camps, etc.? If yes, please describe the experience you had: what were the courses you attended? How well did you understand the subject?
  8. Did you participate in any math competitions (national or international)? If yes: which were your favorites? What are the best results you have obtained during the last two years?
  9. Do you have any mathematics-related publications? Give exact internet references or attach electronic copies.

Additional Information

  1. Participation Fee. Do you request financial support towards the participation fee of €400? If yes, please explain. How much can you contribute yourself? We do not want participation to be impossible for you for financial reasons. Note that the participation fee will need to be paid by May 30, 2011.
  2. Travel Support. In exceptional cases, especially for people traveling long distance, we might be able to contribute towards your travel expenses (in cash in Bremen). Do you require travel support?
  3. Recommendation. We request at least one, better two recommendations from someone who can write about your mathematical abilities and how you would do at such an international summer school (teacher, professor, olympiad coach). This recommendation should state who the recommender is and how well he or she knows you. It should be sent directly to us, as an email to or by fax to +49-421-200-493210, and include a copy of your Application Cover Sheet. This recommendation must reach us by 4 May 2011!
  4. English Language Skills. Participants need to have a working knowledge of English (limited support on English mathematical terminology will be offered in selected languages). Please convince us of your English language skills: either by proof that the language of instruction (in the math courses) at your school/university is English, or by scores in the TOEFL test (or similar), or by a letter from your English teacher. This letter can be attached to your application or be sent separately to us.
  5. For Legal Minors. If you are less than 18 years old or if you are legally a minor in your country at the time of application, we need a confirmation by a parent that they agree with your participation: at this time, an email from them with contact information suffices (for admitted students, we will need a Parent Consent Form).


No rule without exception. We want to be flexible when we have to, in exceptional cases. If there is a requirement you cannot satisfy, please convince us why we should make an exception in your particular case.

When starting the application process, fill in the Application Cover Sheet. You can then send in the full application by replying to the confirmation email you receive. Please try to keep file sizes small; a single PDF file containing all documents is appreciated. You may also send all documents by fax to +49-421-200-493210. The Application Cover Sheet must be sent as the first page of any fax.

If you have questions, contact us at: or by telephone: +49-421-200-3210.

We need to receive all material by May 4, 2011. As we plan to make our admission decisions in the days immediately after, any information received past the deadline cannot be processed. We will try to inform you by May 10 whether you are admitted or on the waiting list.

We do not want places for participants to go unused. With your application you state that this summer school has high priority for you, so we will expect you to actually participate if admitted. If you are interested in participating but are not certain about possible conflicts, then please let us know in your application when you will find out.

Items requested after admission

Please be prepared to supply the following information upon notification of admission.

  1. Your Passport. Please scan your passport or identity card (the page containing your personal data) and include this file as attachment.
  2. Special Needs. Do you have any dietary or medical needs? Any personal information that we need to know?
  3. Emergency Contact. (Email and telephone, with someone who speaks English, German, French, or Russian.)
  4. For Legal Minors. One of your parents will have to fill in and sign a Parent Consent Form and attach a scan of the parent passport or identity card.
  5. Health Insurance. The summer school does not provide insurance for medical care for participants. Though the German National Health system would attend to emergencies, it does not cover the expenses for foreigners (with the exception of citizens of the European Union, with the corresponding official medical identification). Be sure you have adequate accident, health and travel insurance from your country.


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