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Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree

General Requirements

To obtain a B.Sc. degree at Jacobs University a minimum of 180 ECTS credit points must be earned over a period of 6 semesters.

  • A minimum of 140 ECTS credits must be earned in the School of Engineering and Science.
  • 30 ECTS credits must be earned through transdisciplinary courses, comprised of courses in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) and University Study Courses (USC). The choice between SHSS courses and USCs is free.
  • Up to 4 language courses (up to 10 ECTS credit points) may be counted toward Home School Electives.
  • All undergraduate students are required to complete an internship, normally to be accomplished between the second and third year of study. Information about the internship will be listed on the transcript. The internship must last at least two consecutive months. No credits are connected to the internship requirement.
  • It is mandatory to successfully complete a Bachelor Thesis in Mathematics. This thesis needs to be supervised by one or several faculty memebers, at least one from Mathematics. Writing the thesis is formally part of Guided Research Mathematics and BSc Thesis II. Usually, Guided Research Mathematics I serves as a preparation to write the thesis.

Requirements of the Major

Course requirements: Students must obtain at least

  • 25 ECTS credits for Mathematics courses at year 1 level or above.
  • 40 ECTS credits for Mathematics courses at year 2 level or above.
  • 45 ECTS credits for Mathematics courses at year 3 level or above.

The core courses Analysis I/II and Linear Algebra I/II have to be completed successfully to graduate.

Note: The following classes qualify as Mathematics courses in the requirements above: Courses listed as Mathematics (course numbers 100xyz), Applied and Computational Mathematics 110xyz), and Mathematics Service (course numbers 120xyz). Here x denotes the year of the course. For example 100312 Introduction to Complex Analysis is a year 3 level course. The course recommendations below explain the more advanced options of the curriculum.

Jacobs University Bremen reserves the right to substitute courses by replacements and/or reduce the number of mandatories/mandatory elective courses offered.


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