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Mathematical Sciences at Jacobs University

Bachelor Program in Mathematics

  • Pure mathematics in modern applied contexts
  • Applied Mathmatics
  • Minors in the Sciences, Business, Computer Science, and more
  • Three year itensive career oriented program
  • Direct one-on-one student-faculty interaction

Jacobs Semesters in Mathematics

  • English-language study-abroad program
  • Intgrated into our international campus
  • Experience Mathematics in Europe

Upcoming Events

Time and Place Event Title
Wed, Sep 20, 14:15
Research I Seminar Room
CAS Seminar
Haidar Mohamad (Jacobs University)
Optimal balance via adiabatic invariance of approximate slow manifolds II
Thu, Sep 21, 11:15
Seminar Room (120), Research I
Seminar in Algebra, Lie Theory, and Geometry
Alexey Petukhov (Jacobs University Bremen)
Minicourse on Primitive Ideals for \(\mathfrak{sl}(\infty)\), \(\mathfrak{o}(\infty)\), \(\mathfrak{sp}(\infty)\), Part III
Mon, Sep 25, 17:15
Lecture Hall, Research II
Mathematics Colloquium
Igors Gorbovickis (Jacobs University Bremen)
Renormalization operator and dynamics on the circle

Mathematics Colloquium · Algebra, Lie Theory, and Geometry Seminar · CAS Seminar · Geometry and Dynamics Seminar


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