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Progress in Mathematics for Communication Systems 2007

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Progress in Mathematics
for Communication Systems 2007

Summer Academy at the International Center for Transdisciplinary Studies
School of Engineering and Science
Jacobs University Bremen

Mathematical concepts and methods have their well-documented place in communications engineering. But recent demands in high data rate and wireless communication systems have necessitated refining the mathematical tools and the development of new methods. Furthermore, these needs have led and continue to lead to difficult and interesting mathematical questions, some of which are currently addressed by both mathematicians and engineers.

Our summer academy addresses some of such research questions from the scientific and industrial, and from the mathematical and engineering points of view. The focus areas include multi carrier modulation, turbo and LDPC codes and combinatorial optimization.

Courses are given by, among others, Prof. Alexander Barg, University of Maryland; Prof. Holger Boche, TU Berlin; Prof. John Cioffi, Stanford; Prof. Martin Grötschel, ZIB Berlin; Prof. Rolf Johannesson, Lund University; Dr. Werner Kozek, Siemens; Prof. Amin Shokrollahi, EPFL; Prof. Thomas Strohmer, UC Davis; Dr. Steffen Trautmann, Infineon.

While most participants are expected to be PhD students or young Postdocs, only a BSc in mathematics, physics, or electrical engineering is required for participation. We invite applications for participation from around the world; participants from industry are welcome.

The summer academy is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

The summer academy will take place from July 1st to July 15th, 2007 .

Organizers Prof. Dr. Harald Haas and Prof. Dr. Werner Henkel,
Communications Engineering
Prof. Dr. Peter Oswald and Prof. Dr. Götz Pfander,

Telephone: +49 421 200 3211
Fax: +49 421 200 49 3211
E-mail: g.pfander@jacobs-university.de

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