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Progress in Mathematics for Communication Systems

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Lectures and Complementing Materials

Jörg Bühler
John Cioffi
Neele von Deetzen
Chris Flake
  • Wedgelets

Niklas Grip
Martin Grötschel
Harald Haas
  • Capacity Issues of Wireless Networks

Markus Hansen
  • An Introduction to Approximation Theory

Khaled Hassan
Werner Henkel
  • Reed-Solomon Codes

Fangning Hu
Rolf Johannesson
  • Minimality Questions for Convolutional Encoders - Part I
  • Minimality Questions for Convolutional Encoders - Part II

Emily King
  • Frame theory

Thorsten Koch
Chen Koker
Werner Kozek
Werner Kozek and Götz Pfander
Felix Krahmer
  • Sigma-delta Modulation

Amir Leshem
Apirath Limmanee
Maja Loncar
Thomas Magesacher
  • Spectrally Efficient Multicarrier Modulation

Reza Moosavi
Oshri Naparstek
  • Information Theoretic Approach for Radar Beamforming Design

Humberto Neto
Tomas Nordström
Peter Oswald and Werner Henkel
Henning Paul
Götz Pfander
Jossy Sayir
  • Iterative Decoding and LDPC Codes - Part I
  • Iterative Decoding and LDPC Codes - Part II
  • Iterative Decoding and LDPC Codes - Part III

Martin Schubert
Shuying Shi
  • Weighted Sum-rate Optimization for Multiuser MIMO Systems with Linear Equalization

Amin Shokrollahi
  • Fountain Codes on the Erasure Channel
  • Raptor Codes on Binary Symmetric Channels

Thomas Strohmer
Michael Stoll
  • Basics of Finite Fields

Steffen Trautmann


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