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Welcome to the Jacobs University Math Club!

Since 2003, the Jacobs Math Club is open to any student and faculty member with interest in mathematics.

Our mission

  • Spread awareness and interest of mathematics among the Jacobs University community.
  • Encourage social and academic interaction between students interest in mathematics.
  • Enrich and build upon the close student-faculty communication and relations.
  • Provide a peer network in which interested students can further develop mathematical ideas encountered in class, discuss interesting problems and help each other with understanding some difficult mathematical concepts in a friendly environment.
  • Prepare students for important mathematics competitions such as the IMC.

Join us

  • Send an email to y.mikulich@jacobs-university.de and you will become a member of our mailing list and receive timely information about the upcoming events and activities of the club. New members are always welcome.

Useful links

  • Interested in some good mathematics books, finding a math internship or pursuing a career in mathematics? Then you may find the following Useful Links very helpful.
  • A selection of competition successes over the past years can be found in our News Archive.


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