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Fall Semester 2003

Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Mondays at 17:15 in East Hall 4.
There will be tea starting at 16:45 in East Hall near the entrance to Room 4.
East Hall is essentially the last building on your left when you keep walking straight on from the IUB main entrance. The simplest way to get in is to press the switch with the wheelchair symbol on it. More detailed information on finding the way can be found here.

Talks are (or should be) directed at a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is encouraged to invite external speakers. Please use the table below to find out what dates are available and send me a line in order to reserve one.

We keep a Colloquium Book; each speaker is asked to write a handwritten abstract of the talk into it.

Date Speaker Title (with link to abstract)
Sep 08 Yuri Tschinkel (Uni Göttingen) Groups and Fields
Sep 15 Mike Scherfner (TU Berlin) On the Construction of new Spacetime Metrics using Partial Differential Equations
Sep 19, 18:15 Charles Doering (U Michigan) Turbulent energy dissipation for forced flow in a slippery channel
Sep 22 Götz Pfander (IUB) Pseudo-differential operators with band-limited symbols versus Gabor-frame operators
Sep 29 Reinier van der Hout (Leiden University; IUB) Liquid crystals and harmonic maps
Oct 06 Volodymyr Nekrashevych (Kiev University; IUB) Iterated monodromy groups
Oct 13 Desmond Sheiham (IUB) Generalizing the characteristic polynomial via knot theory
Oct 20 No Colloquium Talk by Howard Resnikoff at 20:00 in Conrad Naber Hall
Oct 27 Peter Schupp (IUB) Taking the frustration out of quantum spin systems
Nov 03 Günter Harder (Uni Bonn; MPI für Mathematik, Bonn) Congruences between elliptic and Siegel modular forms
Nov 10 Peter Stevenhagen (Universiteit Leiden) How to construct your personal elliptic curve
Nov 17 Christoph Schweigert (Uni Hamburg) Frobenius algebras, triangulations and tensor categories
Nov 24 Franz Merkl (Universiteit Leiden) Edge-reinforced random walks
Dec 01, 16:15 Duco van Straten (Uni Mainz) On Seifert-Stokes matrices
Dec 08 Ben Leimkuhler (U Leicester) Building a better Nosé dynamics:
improved methods for molecular sampling and dynamics
Dec 15 Gerhard Huisken (MPI für Gravitationsphysik Potsdam; Uni Tübingen) Surgery in Geometric Evolution Equations
Dec 18, 17:00 Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh) Algebraic and geometric converses of the Seifert-van Kampen Theorem

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