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Fall Semester 2008

Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Mondays at 17:15 in the Lecture Hall of Research II.
There will be tea starting at about 16:45 in the Tea Room of Research II.
More detailed information on finding the way can be found here.

Talks are (or should be) directed at a general mathematical audience.
Everybody is encouraged to invite external speakers. Please use the table below to find out what dates are available and send Dr. Vadim Kaimanovich a line in order to reserve one.

We keep a Colloquium Book; each speaker is asked to write a handwritten abstract of the talk into it.

Date Speaker Title (with link to abstract)
December 15, Mon Johannes Wallner (TU Graz) Mathematical Analysis and Processing of Nonstandard Data Types
November 24, Mon Michael Stoll (Universität Bayreuth) Integral points on hyperelliptic curves
November 17, Mon Ronny Wells (Jacobs University) Manifolds and Euclidean Space
November 3, Mon Sergey Dashkovskiy (Universität Bremen) Stability of interconnected nonlinear large scale systems with inputs
October 6, Mon Birgit Richter (Universität Hamburg) Some examples of algebraic K-theory of brave new rings
September 24, Wed Laurent Bartholdi (Universität Göttingen) Self-similarity in Algebra
September 8, Mon Othmar Koch (TU Vienna) Dynamical Low Rank Approximation of Matrices and Tensors

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